Monday, February 24, 2014

What Did I Accomplish During the Sochi Games???

      I was very productive during the Sochi Games... but did not accomplish what I set out to do. Remember this pile of quilts waiting for hand sewn bindings? I managed to get half the binding sewn on one tablerunner.... that's it folks... the pile remains undisturbed. Hopefully this pile will dwindle to nothing before the Summer Games in 2016!

      Thankfully I did better on Susan Singleton... my new start to honor the Winter Olympics.

Susan Singleton - The Scarlet Letter

Love the sweet spotted deer!

     I've been collecting small pieces of Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics and have finally decided to use the prints in the charming Monkey Wrench block. Here's my start on my Liberty Quilt blocks.

      Also, I continued piecing blocks for my Park Bench quilt.

       And Drum Roll Please... I've finally completed the finishing work on several needlework smalls. I will not admit how long the time span between completing the stitching and doing the finishing work. Much too long!

       I have a head start on my Christmas smalls for 2014!

Wintertime - Threadwork Primitives

Beggar's Christmas - Threadwork Primitives

Noel House - Chessie & Me

Way ahead of time for July 4th!

Glory House - Chessie & Me

Stitcher's Name Tag - La-D-Da
A Lady's Trimkeep - Plum Street Samplers
A Valentine's Stocking - Plum Street Samplers
Valentine Sampler - With Thy Needle & Thread

       I've completed a few more smalls... but I'll save them for my next blog update... this post is getting long!

I'll leave you today with one very dejected Corgi. I broke the news to Owen this morning that the Polar Vortex has returned to our little corner of Iowa. We won't have temps above the teens for at least the next ten days.

When is Spring going to arrive!!!


Vera said...

Hi Laurie, love all your finishes -- they are great. And the quilting - something I don't do, so I am always amazed when I see what people pull together. Everything is gorgeous -- love all the colors. Poor Owen - what a great/funny picture of him. This winter is just unbelievable! Stay warm.

Vickie said...

Lovely, lovely work!
I agree totally with Owen. ;)

Melissa said...

I love that photo of Owen - he does look like he's not a happy puppy! It's too cold to go out and play!

What a lot of beautiful colours in this post! Since I am a stitcher I will say I love all the pieces you've finished. They make me want to buy some of those designs!

Keep warm & cozy!

marly said...

Lots of great smalls! The third photo of the Park Bench series made me stop and stare. Kind of like a trance. I have no idea why but I'm feeling pretty relaxed right now! I share Owen's feelings.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

What a broken hearted corgi! Many people fee the exact emotions, I'm sure. But on the bright side, look how much you've accomplished! Beautiful quilting - and all that finishing. Great job!

KimM said...

Love your quilting and stitching. I broke out laughing when I saw the expression on Owen's face. :)

Anne said...

Beautiful finishes Laurie! You've been a busy lady!! At least you got one binding on!! Great photo of your little Owen...he seems upset over the polar vortex like the rest of us!!

Susan said...

Wow, that's productive! Love your new start and I'm drooling over Park Bench. I'm working on Toes in the Sand and love the hex and more ruler.

Cari said...

You have some beautiful finishes there Laurie. I so love all of your park bench quilting blocks. They are amazing. Warm hugs to Owen…he's so cute just longing to run on the grass !! Have a great week.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Congrats on all the finishes! I know that must feel really good. I love the blue and orange quilt blocks. Wowzer! Tell that sweet little furry one I know just how he feels. I'm over winter already! Bring on Spring!

Alice said...

Beautiful work! I love all of your smalls! Owen is so cute. You gotta love corgis--they really show their emotions!

Debbie Bauer said...

Love your quilts! Picture of Owen is so cute!! I feel the same way he does!!

valerie said...

Wonderful stitching and quilting Laurie! I love that little spotted deer as well in your sampler. And you've been a quilting machine putting out all those quilt blocks. They look wonderful!I hope you stay warm. It must get boring seeing so much white snow and very chilly too.

Marilyn said...

All great projects, both quilting and stitching.
Poor little Owen, he looks so sad.
Maybe Spring will come soon.

Jackie said...

You may not have gotten the binding done but your needles sure have been flying! You have a lot to show!

I know Owen must miss his long walks! We're getting dusted in pollen down here and have had lots of rain. Neither are ideal either. I'm like Goldilocks - I'd like a "just right" weather day every day!

Margaret said...

Awwww,Owen looks so sad. Poor little guy. :( Poor you too. I'm sick of this winter. Love seeing all you've accomplished during the Olympics. That's an awful lot! I love everything!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You were productive! All those smalls are wonderful! Poor Owen--I told Callie Mae the warm sunshine is going away again. Owen is going to be so happy for spring

Krista said...

Wow! Lots of quilting and stitching! Love the new SL start on Susan Singleton. And all the smalls are awesome! I agree with Owen, not happy about the return of the polar vortex. Spring has to be in sight very soon!

Chris said...

Poor Owen!
What wonderful finishing on all your smalls.
I love the fabrics in your monkey wrench blocks. All of your quilting projects are so great.
Great progress on your new sampler too!

Giovanna said...

That's an impressive amount of work, well done! The small are all delightful, and what a gorgeous sampler WIP.

Carol said...

Oh, poor little Owen--he looks how I feel, too, Laurie! It's just day after day of being beaten down by more cold and snow :( It HAS to get better soon, right? I mean March begins on Saturday!

You were so productive during the Olympics--wow!! I love all of your quilting and stitching and your smalls finishing is so lovely. I really love the two Chessie & Me designs so much! Great job on them :)

Dianne said...

Oh Laurie, Owen looks so dejected!!! Please give him a hug for me. I am weary of winter to. In Oregon that means very gray days and lots of rain.

Your finishes are absolutely wonderful! I am always inspired by your work! You are so productive! And you have wonderful taste.....your pieces all "go together" so well!!!


Karoline said...

All your finishes are gorgeous, you were really on a roll.

All your quilt blocks are lovely and Susan looks great.

Poor Owen, all this winter must be tough for a busy dog.

Katrina said...

What a sweet picture of Owen!!!! Love, love, love all your projects, everything is gorgeous. Stay warm, spring will come ;-).

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your Olympic project is great and WOW do you ever have a head start on your Christmas smalls for this year!