Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stacks, Stacks Everywhere and a Giveaway

     Once again too much time has passed since my last blog post. I've worked on many projects and have lots of photos to share with you.

      I've started two new stitching projects. The first is The Attic's 2014 Stitch Along sampler Por Luciana Delgado, I'm stitching my Luciana on Lakeside Legacy V. Lt. Examplar with Tudor Silks. We were instructed by our SAL leader to start our samplers with the last page of the chart. What you are seeing is the lower right hand corner of Luciana's sampler.

Luciana Delgado - Needle Work Press

I'm hoping to be able to keep up with the SAL schedule and have Luciana completed by the end of 2014.

      I'm taking another on-line class with Thistle Threads, Abbey A. Couzzens 1836: A Family Register Sampler.  What drew me to this class was the following sentence in the course description:
"The students will be taught the secrets of crinkle silk and how to make crinkle silk for there own sampler stitching!"

     I'm currently finishing up the counted thread portion of the piece so that I will be able to draw the surface embroidery design that comes with the next lesson.

Abby Couzzens - Thistle Threads
This is a photo from the Thistle Threads website of the completed sampler.

      I continue to work on  A Parrot, A Leopard, A Lion. The portion of the design I'm currently stitching will be used on the top panel of my Flat Topped Casket.

A Parrot, A Leopard, A Lion - Scarlet Letter
      I can't tell you how pleased I was with myself for not only doing the stitching, but also the finishing on Brenda Gervais' Snow bird. It's a wonderful addition to my Winter decorations.

Snow Bird - With thy Needle & Thread
      The only way I knew how to deal with the bitterly cold, snowy Winter was to spend time in my sewing room making quilt blocks. I managed to get quite a bit accomplished which will tell you just how many of our days have been spent in the house due to the harshness of the weather.

      First up are the next eight blocks for the Hampton Ridge BOM. I love the fabrics we've been given for our blocks. They are a joy to piece.

           I was looking for a project that would showcase my Bonnie & Camille fabrics. Open Gate Quilts was doing another Blogger Girls BOM and I decided that would be the perfect project. I'll be making two sets of each month's blocks because I don't plan on using the setting blocks for my quilt. Here are the first month's blocks.

      I fell in love with the Park Bench quilt and knew I had to make one for myself. I'm using fabrics from the Botanics collection by Carolyn Friedlander. Here's a photo of the quilt from Jaybird Quilts' website.

Block 1

Block 1

Block 4
     The blocks are a lot of fun to construct. There are two specialty rulers, Hex N More and Sidekick, that are used to cut the pieces. There are no Y seams... just straight seams and the large blocks go together quickly.

      I picked up some quilts from my long-arm quilter and was very pleased with how she chose to quilt my French General quilt.

     I spent most of the weekend stitching the bindings onto several quilts of various sizes. I thought it would be the perfect mindless sewing project to work on while watching the Olympics. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's anxiously awaiting the start of  the Games.

     This is one of the Stacks I was referring to in the post title.  I have numerous other stacks of partially completed quilt tops and blocks along with stacks of various stitching projects. I'm hoping by the time Spring arrives my stacks will have dwindled.

     As for the Giveaway that is also part of the title... I have a medium priority flat rate shipping box filled to the top with leftover scraps from my various quilting projects. I also have a small bag with small quilt blocks and HSTs that are leftover from another project. If you would like to have your name included in the draw for this box of scraps please leave a comment on this blog post. I'm sorry, but due to the weight of the fabric and the high cost of international postage, I will have to restrict this Giveaway to US residents only.

      Owen and I have already received a lovely Valentine's Day present. Thank you very much Oliver and Whitney.

      Wishing you all a very sweet Valentine's Day!


Rowyn said...

Such beautiful stitching and quilting.

Susan said...

Such great projects, Laurie. Beautiful as always! Thanks for the chance to win the scraps.

Ann said...

What wonderful projects and what beautiful fabrics! Love seeing them all--may have to look into the Park Bench quilt myself!

Melissa said...

ahhhh, I don't know what to say as there are so many beautiful, awesome projects! You've been a busy gal!

Cari said...

I nearly shorted out my computer 'cause of all my drooling over your stitching projects and quilting projects. I 'stalk' you on instragram, but oh my goodness…what a wonderful post seeing all of your amazing work in one fell swoop !! All the the beautiful colors make me so happy and they must make you happy too. I can't think of anything better than sewing on binding to some beautiful quilts while watching the Olympics. Sounds like a fabulous plan to me!! I would sure love to win the box of beautiful scraps. I love doing 'hexies' and my fingers would be itching to get ahold of these. Hugs to you and Owen and stay warm.

Ruth said...

What beautiful work you do. I would love a chance to win a box of your scraps. Thanks for the opportunity.

Marilyn said...

All great projects.
Love the quilts too, especially the French General, it's gorgeous!

Krista said...

Beautiful quilting!! I also love your stitching projects. I was intrigued by the Attic's SAL project, will enjoy watching your progress. Also love your start on the family register pattern. I have been planning (mainly in my head! lol) something of the same for my own personal family tree/register. This one looks lovely with the embroidery.

A lovely giveaway but please do not include me as I am not a quilter, at least not yet! Have a wonderful week.

Vickie said...

Wow! What lovely work. Especially the Thistle Threads one. What fabulous Valentine gifts for you and Owen. =) No need to include me in the giveaway, thank you.

Vickie said...

Wow! What lovely work. Especially the Thistle Threads one. What fabulous Valentine gifts for you and Owen. =) No need to include me in the giveaway, thank you.

Margaret said...

Nice post! So much eye candy! I loved reading your post. Nice giveaway too! You are a generous soul. But i already knew that. :D

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Lovely stitching projects! All those quilts will surely keep you warm! LoL. The French General is my favorite. Thanks for the opportunity to win the box of goodies.

Colleen said...

Oh my!!! Just gorgeous eye-candy this morning :) I love those Hampton blocks! And Park Bench...stunning!

Thanks so much for your generosity in your giveaway.

BrendaS said...

Laurie -- Great post -- always fun to see what you've been stitching and quilting and you certainly didn't disappoint. Fabulous projects!

Have a great week:)

Carol said...

So many lovely projects you've shared with us today, Laurie! That Register piece is going to be stunning!!

And I would love to throw my name in the hat to win you box of scrap fabrics--with all the finishing of smalls I do, it would be a real treat to win :) Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Wishing you a little Owen a Happy Valentine's Day...

Vera said...

Beautiful stitching and quilting Laurie! No need to include me in the giveaway since I don't quilt. Just a treat to see what you are doing!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You are so productive! Great idea sewing on bindings while watching olympic games

Sherry said...

Beautiful stitching and I love the quilts! The fabrics are stunning! The French General Quilt is perfection in every way. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I have been thinking about doing some quilting again!

woolwoman said...

All your quilting and piecing is gorgeous Laurie ! just unbelievable how much you got done. LOVE the French general quilt. I'll let someone else try for the fabric goodies - but thanks for the offer. Take care Mel

Teresa S. said...

I am so impressed with all the beautiful quilting you are doing!
I am only dabbling my toes in quilting water :)
Please include me in your giveaway!

Joëlle Wislez said...

It´s wonderful . Attić´s sal si in my english si very bad, sorry...i would like have Time to begin parrow or another Scarlett ..but i have so many embrory...

Giovanna said...

You've been busy with so many wonderful projects - what a lovely post, really enjoyed seeing it all.

Katrina said...

All your projects are gorgeous!!!!! Love, love, love! i got Luciana when I was at the Attic last month too. Fun giveaway, I'd like to be entered if I am not too late?

KimM said...

Beautiful! I'd love to enter your give away. Love your blog - I just became a follower.

Karoline said...

All your projects are looking gorgeous, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the Thistle Threads sampler