Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lot's of Catching Up

      I hope you're all enjoying your Summer. We've been having lots of rain and cooler temperatures. It's much more enjoyable outdoors without the typical Iowa summer of high heat and humidity. Owen and I have been enjoying long morning walks. Lot's of time being spent weeding the garden beds and discovering what the deer and rabbits have eaten during the night.

      I decided to concentrate on stitching smaller designs during the warm weather months this year. Here's what I've stitched so far.

     Paulette and Tanya have come up with lovely designs for the Colonial Gathering Club.

A Colonial Candle Pocket - Plum Street Samplers

Cotton Bird - Plum Street Samplers

Strawberry House - The Scarlett House

I adore the small kits Chessie & Me designs each year and I couldn't resist the latest one.

1776 Harbor - Chessie & Me

Another sweet kit I couldn't resist...

A Summer Garden - Cherished Stitches
 I discoverd this A&E design in the WIP closet. It only had about an hour of stitching left to complete the design.

Adam and Eve - Kathy Barrick

Last of all... a design that I've wanted to stitch for some time and finally decided to stitch it while watching the tennis tournament at Wimbledon. I love the little sheep!

Betsy - Sheepish Designs

I've been wanting to take a class with Betsy Morgan for the longest time. In June, Lynn's in Madison, WI , held a workshop and Betsy taught her Toy Chest Etui with the many toys. Here's my start on the front panel for the toy chest. 

Toy Chest Etui - Betsy Morgan - Front Panel
Owen's recommendation for the perfect Summer day.... a nice long nap!!!


Katrina said...

All gorgeous finishes!!!!!!! And I am with Owen ;-)!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Great idea for summer smalls = lots of neat design finishes.

Marilyn said...

All great projects.
Owen is so cute. :)

Krista said...

So many great finishes! Love them all! And I agree with Owen. If I could I would nap straight thru to September!

marly said...

I seem to be enjoying these smalls more and the designs keep getting better. Your choices are great.

Margaret said...

I love seeing all your finishes together. They are all wonderful. Owen looks very comfy too -- perfect summer occupation. lol!

Susan said...

So many finishes and all of them beautiful! I was traveling with my sister who is from a Guttenberg during the last two weeks of a June and she was getting regular reports on all the storms. She had lots of cleaning up to do in her yard, but no major damage. I took a Betsy Morgan class in Ocean City, Maryland in June. Would have been nice to be in the same class and yo meet in person.

Jackie's Stitches said...

You've been busy! Love your finishes. I hadn't seen the Chessie and Me piece and I like it a lot!

It's been rainy here this week but still hot and muggy. Glad you've had cooler weather - I can't wait to experience it myself!

Owen is a cutie and I love that he's sleeping with his stuffed animal.

samplerlover said...

Wonderful collection of smalls Laurie. Looking forward to seeing how you will finish some of them. Owen looks so comfy :).

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Such very pretty finishes for your summer stitching thus far :)
I'm sure you will have many more to share before its over!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

What fun things to look at today. I've taken that class with Betsy. You'll enjoy it!

Vera said...

Love your choices for small designs. It does seem to be easier to work on small pieces in the summer, doesn't it (and then I have to wonder why I'm still working on large ones...). I like Owen's approach -- I am ready to join him! Pretty header too!

Penny said...

Wonderful finishes, Laurie! Owen is so sweet. :)

woolwoman said...

such beautiful accomplishments for the summer. Glad you are enjoying a bit of cooler weather in your neck of the woods. Sure enjoyed hearing your news. Hope the rest of your summer is just as pleasant. Mel

Karoline said...

You've had some gorgeous finishes and you are making great progress on the Etui

Hope the rest of summer is just as nice

Marie said...

Cute, sweet Owen...he has the life! :-)

So many beautiful finishes ~ I want to stitch all of those! "Betsy" has always been a favorite of mine. I purchased the design so long ago but have not started it.

I can't wait to see the Toy Chest Etui completed. It will be gorgeous ~ your work always is!

Your blog header is great.

Marie said...

Quel beaux travaux,bravo.
J'adore ces motifs,ainsi que le choix des fils.

Dianne said...

I do hope you are okay. And Owen is okay. Miss your posts. I love to look at your stitching. I am always inspired.

Corgi Lady said...

Dianne wrote what I have been thinking, I miss reading about you and Owen. I keep checking back but always disappointed not to find a new post.

Elizabeth said...

Your stitching, as always, is a treat to look at! I feel like I 'troll' your blog at times trying to get inspiration when I'm frustrated with my own pieces. I hope you and Owen have finished off the summer well and are enjoying a cool fall!

Unknown said...

Wonderful stitches!

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